Churches and worship places

Schio boasts numerous interesting churches and the religious life is divided between different parishes from the central one, San Pietro, including the Dome, to those which are placed in outskirts and in the hills.

Churches and worship places

Duomo of St. Peter

Piazza Rossi, Schio

The Duomo of St. Peter, as it appears today, is the last of various reconstructions of an existing medieval chapel dedicated to Saint Peter, perched on the Gorzone hills.

Churches and worship places

Chiesa di San Francesco

Via Baratto, Schio

The Church of Saint Francis was founded by the Franciscan monks in 1424; over centuriesits usage and its structure have changed.

Churches and worship places

Chiesa SS Trinità Sacrario Militare

via SS.Trinità, Schio

The Church originates from a 15th century oratory, while the Sacrarium was inaugurated in 1930 and it contains almost 5000 First World War fallen soldiers.

Churches and worship places

Ex Monastero Agostiniane

A convent founded in 1492 thanks to a testament.

Churches and worship places

Santuario di S. Giuseppina Bakhita e Mostra permanente

via A. Fusinato 51, Schio

The Church is famous as it preservs St. Giuseppina Bakhita's remains. She was a Canossian Sudanese nun .

Churches and worship places

Chiesa di San Nicolò "ai Cappuccini"

Via Cappuccini 87, Schio

The monastery of Saint Nicholas is one of the first testimonies of the presence of the Capuchin order in Veneto, established in 1528.

Churches and worship places

Chiesa Santa Maria in Valle

Via Santa Maria in Valle, Schio

Called this way because it is situated between two hills, that of the Castle and the height known as the Grumi of the Friars and is placed above the spring water called Gaminella.

Churches and worship places

Chiesa di Santa Giustina

Via Chiesa Santa Giustina 39, Schio

It represents one of the oldest examples of Christian evangelization in our territory which dates back to the Longobard period, it was reconstructed in 1581 by the Gian Giacomo and Gian Battista Dal Ferro brothers.

Churches and worship places

Chiesetta di San Rocco

Via San Rocco, Schio

The church, built after 1575, was dedicated to Saint Rocco, as a vow for having survived the plague.

Churches and worship places

Chiesa di Santa Maria Incoronata

Via Pasubio, Schio

The church of the Incoronata was founded by a religious lady from Schio known as Girolama Rossi to provide the Sarèo borough, now Via Pasubio, with a proper oratory.

Churches and worship places

Chiesa Sant'Antonio Abate

Via Fratelli Pasini n.82, Schio

The Church of Sant’Antonio Abate was built in 1879 by architect Antonio Caregaro Negrin in Lumbard-Byzantine style.

Churches and worship places

St. James Church

via Cavour, Schio

The church was founded at the beginning of the 15th century by the penitential confraternity of the ‘Battuti’.