Permanent Exhibitions

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Permanent exhibitions

The World of Miniature Trains - Tourists from Alto Vicentino

Via Baratto, 39 c/o La C.A.S.A. , Schio

The museum is constituted by Prefect Aligi Razzoli's collection (a room is named after him), another official of the State Police who cultivated a great passion for model railway.

Permanent exhibitions

S. Giuseppina Bakhita sanctuary and exhibition

via A. Fusinato, 51, Schio

The exhibition was founded in 1992 on the occasion of Giuseppina Bakhita Beatification, completed in 2000 in occasion of the Holiness. It is constantly updated with testimonies of graces recieved and photos of works realized in her honor.

Permanent exhibitions

Geomineralogical museum

via Rovereto, 21 - ex Caserma Cella, Schio

The samples collocated in the museum can stimulate the visitors' interest towards the aesthetic pleasure: through the guided observastion of minerals and the usage of instrumentation available to visitors it is possible to discover the simplest features.

Permanent exhibitions

Exhibition hall "Tito Caporali"

via Rovereto 21/a - ex Caserma Cella, Schio

The Exhibition hall "Tito Caporali", IV Novembre Museum, is placed in the former barrack Cella in Via Rovereto, where the homonymous association is located.

Permanent exhibitions

Horses and rural tools museum

via Fornaci 64 - vicino alla Caserma dei VVFF, Schio

The museum offers the possibility to raise awarness, including among young people, about instruments largerly used in the past.

Permanent exhibitions

Butterflies Museum "Nel Regno delle Farfalle Onlus"

Via Lago di Alleghe, 33, Z.I, Schio

"Nel Regno delle Farfalle Onlus" Museum is placed in the industrial area of Schio, in Via Lago di Alleghe 33.

Permanent exhibitions

The turbines. Current History

Largo Fusinelle, Schio

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