Religious pathway

Schio boasts numerous interesting churches and the religious life is divided between different parishes: from the central one, San Pietro, including the Dome, to those which are placed in outskirts and hilly areas.


Religious pathway

Sacred - Artistic Path

Piazza Rossi, Schio

The Percorso Sacro - Artistico includes the following places of worship: the Cathedral of San Pietro, the Church of S. Antonio Abate, the Church of the SS. Trinity - Military Shrine, the Church of San Francesco, the former Augustinian monastery, the Church of San Rocco, the Church of San Giacomo, the Church of Santa Maria Incoronata, the Church of the Holy Family - Saint Giuseppina Bakhita, the Church of San Nicolò and ex Capuchin Convent, the Oratory of Santa Maria in valle, the Church of San Martino, the Church of Santa Giustina