Places of historical interest

Palazzo Toaldi Capra


Palazzo Toaldi Capra hosted the Town Hall from the 18th century to 1913, and between the two World Wars, it became the headquarters of the 44th National Security Volunteer Legion, whereas after the war it hosted several high schools.

On June 17, 1512, the palace was documented as a property of the Venetian Da Pozzo brothers. Later the palace was inherited by Cesare Toaldi’s heirs.

The Toaldi family, as documented since the early 13th century, was for centuries one of the most important families of the city. Originally from Cogollo del Cengio, where they were wrought iron craftsmen, in Schio the Toaldis became one of the most important iron merchants in town, trading with Venice and other cities of  Veneto. By the mid-17th century, the family declined and the estate was split-up and sold; this explains why in the mid-17th century the building was documented as belonging to an aristocratic family from Vicenza, that of Count Giovan Battista Capra who will sell the palace in 1668. During the first restoration works, commissioned by the Municipality in the 1980’s, a number of late gothic frescos of the early 15th century emerged. On the right side of the façade we find a memorial plaque commemorating those who died for independence and freedom, on the left side a bronze bust inserted in a marble frame is dedicated to Giuseppe Garibaldi (sculpted by Carlo Lorenzetti, 1882), famous for being the first monument to be dedicated to the Hero of the Two Worlds. Above, on the left, the marble bust of Nicolò Tron, sculpted by Pietro Danieletti in 1772, testifies the important impact that this Venetian patrician had on the textile industry in Schio. The palace is currently used for exhibitions, conferences, events and hosts various local associations.


Places of historical interest
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Places of historical interest
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