7 Passeggiate - Schio e Dintorni

Passeggiata di San Zeno

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We begin the journey at the foot of the church of Saints Leonzio and Carpoforo in the center of Magrè, then taking the direction of the adjacent Via San Leonzio, which ends with the elegant little church of Rio. It is a building from the end of the 1800s, small but at the same time impressive, with the four large white columns supporting the portico.

Legend has it that in the eighteenth century the villagers erected the capital from which the chapel was born, which we can admire today following the repeated and miraculous appearance of the sacred image of the Madonna that took place there. The route then continues along Via Rio, with a slight slope and then onto Via Siberia. Going along the same street and ignoring the next junctions, you reach a capital on the right, which, as the plaque shows, was "erected in the burial place of the dead of the plague in the seventeenth century". The capital was placed in its current position after having been recovered from the front lawn, where it originally stood, and restored in 1980. We continue to a subsequent crossroads and set off towards the Church of San Zeno, as indicated by the signs. We find, after a few meters, a pretty stone bridge near which our path leaves the asphalt in favor of the dirt path. Following the path we pass a capital dedicated to the Immaculate Conception and some abandoned houses that seem to want to remind us, in unison with the nature that surrounds us, the simplicity of life of the past. After another capital dedicated to Jesus on the cross we maintain the same
track, until a bar appears, marking the beginning of the San Zeno park.

Admission is allowed from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm in summer and from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm in winter. Beyond the barrier, we pass a steep climb that engages us for a few minutes, after which the path returns level. Our walk then follows the main road until it leads us to one of the most beautiful views of the entire itinerary; we are in fact near a stream that we pass through a characteristic bridge and finally arrive at the small church of San Zeno, the destination of our journey. Here we find an area equipped with benches, fountain and fireplace for barbecues. This space is ideal for resting and resting and it is possible to occupy it for free by contacting the parish of Magrè.

The Church of San Zeno is a building whose construction is of dubious origin. Two theories are in fact considered possible: the first attributes it to the Lombard period (from mid-500 to the end of the 700), the second instead considers that it was erected by Veronese woodcutters who went to these areas to collect wood. From the second version would derive the name of the church and the park, referable to the Veronese bishop Zeno then sanctified. According to the sources, he lived in austerity and simplicity, so much so that he himself caught fish for his meal in the Adige. From an architectural point of view, the small church has a simple rectangular plan, a brick floor and light red plastered walls. Please note that the building has been restored several times. We set off again, taking the path of Fra Matteo, guided by the table, we cross the wooden bridge and pass near a wash house, another element that well represents the rural civilization of the area. Going on, you come across an old house; on the back there is a special plaque on which you can see a little legible writing: “In questo podere si può tremare ma non cadere”. Among the vegetation that has covered it almost entirely, you can see the entrance of another house, surmounted by a decorated arch. At this point the path becomes narrower, we pass next to a vineyard and continue until we cross the paved road that we cross and continuing straight on the dirt road in front, we arrive in Via Vaiselle. Going down this street, at a subsequent intersection, take Via Cimitero Vecchio on the right from where you can admire a panoramic view of Magrè with the bell tower of the Church of Saints Leonzio and Carpoforo clearly visible. We therefore skirt what remains of the old cemetery of Magrè and emerge at the side of the little church of Rio to return to our starting point.



texts and images extracted from: Brochure "7 walks and surroundings" - created by MetaItalia360 and Tron High School


7 Passeggiate - Schio e Dintorni
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